by Eric van der Vlist is published by O'Reilly & Associates (ISBN: 0596004214)


start — Start of a grammar


start ::= "start" 

May be included in

div, grammar, include

XML syntax equivalent



The start pattern defines the "start" of a grammar. When this grammar validates a complete document, the start pattern specifies which elements may be used as the document (root) element. When this grammar is embedded within another grammar, the start pattern specifies which pattern should be applied at the location where the grammar is embedded. Like named pattern definitions, start patterns may be combined by choice or interleave and redefined when they are included in include patterns.

The combination is defined by the assignMethod, which may take the values: = (definition), &= (combination by interleave), or |= (combination by choice).


start = element library {
 book-element +

start |= book-element

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