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Determinism and Datatype Assignment

Table of Contents

16.1. What Is Ambiguity?
16.1.1. Ambiguity Versus Determinism
16.1.2. Different Kinds of Ambiguity
16.2. The Downsides of Ambiguous and Nondeterministic Content Models
16.2.1. Instance Annotations
16.2.2. Compatibility with W3C XML Schema
16.3. Some Ideas to Make Disambiguation Easier
16.3.1. Generalizing the Except Pattern
16.3.2. Making Disambiguation Rules Explicit
16.3.3. Accepting Ambiguity

One of the strengths of RELAX NG is that it's flexible enough to support a difficult but sometimes convenient concept called:

Before you read any further into this chapter, realize that as far as simple validation is concerned, RELAX NG processes ambiguous schemas happily. That said, when type assignment or data binding is involved, schema ambiguity may have consequences that create problems. You will see in this chapter how to use RELAX NG in ways that avoid these problems, making RELAX NG "type assignment-friendly."

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