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Element Reference

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17.1. Elements
anyName - Name class accepting any name
attribute - Pattern matching an attribute
choice (in the context of a name-class) - Choice between name classes
choice (in the context of a pattern) - choice pattern
data - data pattern
define - Named pattern definition
div (in the context of a grammar-content) - Division (in the context of a grammar)
div (in the context of a include-content) - Division (in the context of an include)
element - Pattern matching an element
empty - Empty content
except (in the context of a except-name-class) - Remove a name class from another
except (in the context of a pattern) - Remove a set of values from a data
externalRef - Reference to an external schema
grammar - Grammar pattern
group - group pattern
include - Grammar merge
interleave - interleave pattern
list - Text node split
mixed - Pattern for mixed content models
name - Name class for a single name
notAllowed - Not allowed
nsName - Name class for any name in a namespace
oneOrMore - oneOrMore pattern
optional - optional pattern
param - Datatype parameter
parentRef - Reference to a named pattern from the parent grammar
ref - Reference to a named pattern
start - Start of a grammar
text - Pattern-matching text nodes
value - Match a text node and a value
zeroOrMore - zeroOrMore pattern

This short reference to RELAX NG elements presents each element of the XML syntax for RELAX NG in alphabetical order. Note that the synopsis given for each element is generated from the RELAX NG schema and doesn't capture the restrictions applied after simplification.


The simplification process and restrictions are detailed in Chapter 15. The main restrictions for each element are also mentioned in this chapter in the "Restrictions" section.

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