by Eric van der Vlist is published by O'Reilly & Associates (ISBN: 0596004214)

Datatype Reference

Table of Contents

xsd:anyURI - URI (Uniform Resource Identifier)
xsd:base64Binary - Binary content coded as "base64"
xsd:boolean - Boolean (true or false)
xsd:byte - Signed value of 8 bits
xsd:date - Gregorian calendar date
xsd:dateTime - Instant of time (Gregorian calendar)
xsd:decimal - Decimal numbers
xsd:double - IEEE 64-bit floating-point
xsd:duration - Time durations
xsd:ENTITIES - Whitespace-separated list of unparsed entity references
xsd:ENTITY - Reference to an unparsed entity
xsd:float - IEEE 32-bit floating-point
xsd:gDay - Recurring period of time: monthly day
xsd:gMonth - Recurring period of time: yearly month
xsd:gMonthDay - Recurring period of time: yearly day
xsd:gYear - Period of one year
xsd:gYearMonth - Period of one month
xsd:hexBinary - Binary contents coded in hexadecimal
xsd:ID - Definition of unique identifiers
xsd:IDREF - Definition of references to unique identifiers
xsd:IDREFS - Definition of lists of references to unique identifiers
xsd:int - 32-bit signed integers
xsd:integer - Signed integers of arbitrary length
xsd:language - RFC 1766 language codes
xsd:long - 64-bit signed integers
xsd:Name - XML 1.O name
xsd:NCName - Unqualified names
xsd:negativeInteger - Strictly negative integers of arbitrary length
xsd:NMTOKEN - XML 1.0 name token (NMTOKEN)
xsd:NMTOKENS - List of XML 1.0 name tokens (NMTOKEN)
xsd:nonNegativeInteger - Integers of arbitrary length positive or equal to zero
xsd:nonPositiveInteger - Integers of arbitrary length negative or equal to zero
xsd:normalizedString - Whitespace-replaced strings
xsd:NOTATION - Emulation of the XML 1.0 feature
xsd:positiveInteger - Strictly positive integers of arbitrary length
xsd:QName - Namespaces in XML-qualified names
xsd:short - 32-bit signed integers
xsd:string - Any string
xsd:time - Point in time recurring each day
xsd:token - Whitespace-replaced and collapsed strings
xsd:unsignedByte - Unsigned value of 8 bits
xsd:unsignedInt - Unsigned integer of 32 bits
xsd:unsignedLong - Unsigned integer of 64 bits
xsd:unsignedShort - Unsigned integer of 16 bits

This chapter provides a quick reference to all the datatypes the W3C XML Schema defines. Each datatype is listed along with its RELAX NG datatype parameters. The list corresponds to the W3C XML Schema facets available for the datatype, with the exception of the whiteSpace facet (which isn't supported by RELAX NG). It also provides information about what the facets represent and how they do it. For the secondary datatypes (the W3C XML Schema builtin types that are derived from another builtin type), the synopsis shows the formal definition of the type using W3C XML Schema syntax. Examples are given for all these datatypes.

This text is released under the Free Software Foundation GFDL.